Parent Trainings and Support Groups

Parent Trainings

We periodically host trainings led by one or more of our child psychologists that are designed to help parents better understand why their children are having specific behavioral or emotional challenges, and to equip parents with research-based recommendations on how to handle these challenges.  If you would like to be notified when we have a new parent training scheduled, please subscribe to our newsletter or send us a message!

Some of our rotating topics:

  • How Littles Learn
  • Supporting your child in their social-emotional and educational development
  • Building Positive Relationships with Your Child
  • The Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) approach
  • The Screen Time Saga,
  • Navigating healthy screen time and setting screen time limits
  • Executive Functioning Success
  • Identifying and supporting Executive Functioning difficulties
  • Body Safety
  • Promoting safe body boundaries and abuse prevention
  • Supporting Your Child Through Separation & Divorce
  • .... Stay tuned for more in our TCP Talks series!

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    Past Trainings

    • Incredible Years - Summer 2023
      • An evidence-based curriculum for parents that aims to reduce challenging behaviors and increase social and self-control skills in their children
    • Time Management and Task Planning for the Family - Spring 2023
    • ADHD/Executive Functioning Training for the Family - Fall 2022
    • "'Kitchen Table Classroom': The Saga of Student Learning During a Pandemic" - October 14 & 18, 2020
    • "Dealing With Emotional and Behavioral Challenges" - September 30, 2020

    Parent Support Groups

    Triangle Child Psychology is pleased to offer Parenting Support Groups for those parents who are interested in learning more about how to handle specific challenges with their child or children in a supportive group setting with one or more of our child psychologists and other parents.  Parents have found these groups to be helpful in learning new parenting skills, problem-solving daily challenges with their children, and feeling supported by other parents as we discuss the struggles inherent in parenting.  Please fill out the contact form HERE if you are interested in an upcoming parenting group and would like to be contacted when we have a new group scheduled!