Jessie Reed, PsyD

Dr. Reed (she/her/hers) is a Clinical Child Psychologist (licensed in California and soon to be licensed in North Carolina) who is passionate about helping children and their grown-ups to navigate the ups and downs of child development. She provides psychotherapy, psychological evaluations, and parent consultations, in order to best serve each child and their families. Dr. Reed is collaborative and client-centered, working with children and their caregivers to determine an individualized and evidenced-based approach to treatment.

In therapy, Dr. Reed utilizes an attachment-based, relational, and neurodivergent affirming approach to help children and their grown-ups understand the important connections among our neurology (brain wiring), our personal relationships, our feelings, and our behaviors. She works to help children and their families identify and address difficult feelings and behaviors by understanding the deeper emotional and relational needs that all people experience. This allows Dr. Reed, her clients, and their caregivers, to work together to determine practical steps to manage each family’s needs and facilitate growth and progress toward clients’ individual goals. Dr. Reed accomplishes this by building safe, warm, and genuine therapeutic relationships with her clients and their caregivers. She has significant training, experience, and interest in working with children and families who have experienced complex trauma, and/or are neurodivergent (e.g., ADHD, Autism, OCD, etc.). She also has a passion for working with very young children (ages 0-6).  Dr. Reed also understands the importance of approaching clinical work intergenerationally and enjoys helping clients and their parents understand attachment development and how it may impact their emotional experiences, relationships, and behaviors. In 2018 and 2019, Dr. Reed developed an attachment-based parenting curriculum to help caregivers better understand these important dynamics.

In her approach to assessments, Dr. Reed utilizes the Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment model. Using this model, Dr. Reed, her clients, and their parents work together to determine specific questions that guide the assessment, while creating a strong therapeutic alliance which facilitates safety in the testing process. This allows for Dr. Reed to facilitate a testing experience that will be able to provide insight related to assessment questions through collaboration, curiosity, openness, empathy, and respect. Dr. Reed will use the information gleaned from testing to provide the client and their parents with an individualized understanding of their needs and recommendations related to clinical work, educational needs, strategies for the home, and much more. The goal of these assessments is for clients and their caregivers to leave feeling empowered with a deeper understanding of themselves.

Dr. Reed understands the importance of the family unit and the impact that each family member can have on the system. She is dedicated to helping families discover ways to attune to one another and develop methods that allow each family member, and the family unit, to feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure.

Outside of the office, Dr. Reed enjoys spending time with her fiancé, their corgi-mix, LadyBelle, and their niblings (niece: 3 years and nephew: 5 years). Dr. Reed loves to spend time creating through a variety of arts and crafts, including crochet and furniture refurbishing. She also enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, reading, and playing boardgames.